CutPRO Cut Resistant PPE Improves Safety of Glass Workers

CutPRO® Cut Resistant PPE

CutPRO Cut Resistant PPE for glaziers and glass workers, are a highly effective way of offering reliable cut protection and reducing the risk of accidental cut injuries and improve their personal safety.

Glass is of course a great versatile material, however working with it can occasionally present the risk of sustaining serious cuts and lacerations, which subsequently can lead to rapid blood loss and in the worst case scenario even death.

UK based Nicholls and Clarke Glass Ltd was found guilty in 2009 for breaching Section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work, etc Act 1974, for failing to ensure the health and safety of employees, as well as Regulation 3 of the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulation 1995 (RIDDOR) after an employee suffered severe lacerations.

  • In October 2009, Ian Swain was working in the glass toughening section of the company’s factory in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.
  • When he picked up a large piece of glass, it cracked and shattered. A shard of glass lacerated his right arm. The artery, muscle and nerves of the arm were severed.
  • Swain was given 250 stitches for his injuries.
  • The personal protective equipment (cut resistant PPE) supplied to employees was inadequate and insufficient. Further, in June 2008, the company had failed to report a similar incident which seriously injured an employee.

Basically Nicholls and Clarke Glass Ltd was found guilty of not having done their utmost to protect the safety of their glass worker.

Manual handling of glass is unavoidable in most production or processing plants, hence it is of great importance to wear the necessary cut resistant PPE to shield the worker’s body from severe injury in case the glass breaks or shatters on impact. Glaziers are often injured by sharp edges of glass sheets, glass splinters, by sharp tools etc. Injury risk should be minimized by automation of flat-glass handling and provision of cut resisting PPE to workers who do handle flat glass

The National Glass Association’s 'glass’ magazine published an article by Dr G Duncan Finlay titled: 'Workplace Accidents Cut Into Your Bottom Line’.  One comment he made in this article was: “ In 2007, glass and glazing contractors recorded 303 incidences per 10,000 employees in relation to nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses involving days away from work. While that may not sound like a lot, 25 percent of those were related to cuts, punctures and lacerations.” 

The priority has to be to provide adequate information on safety precautions and training on the handling of glass to all employees and to develop and implement a safe system of work. However, it is a matter of fact that injuries will always occur as long as human being exists. Our focus or concentration at work can easily be compromised by a number of variables we cannot control, such as personal circumstances, amount of sleep, health and even how much an individual enjoys their job role.

Following similar serious cut related injuries and even the loss of life, and after having very carefully evaluated the financial, legal and moral consequences following such accidents, the world’s leading glass handling firms have issued their workforce with appropriate PPE over the past few years. Have you? Are you aware of the latest developments within the world of cut resistant PPE?

CutPRO cut resistant clothing workwear and ppe

CutPRO® Cut Resistant PPE has recently been launched and tested to the revised European Standard EN 388:2016 and passed comfortably as Level 5). It has also been tested against the International (ISO 13997:1999 Level 5) and American (ANSI/ISEA 2016 Level A5) blade cut resistance standards. All available test results confirm its truly outstanding cut protection as well as abrasion, puncture and rear resistance levels.

Made out of 100% Cut-Tex® PRO, this latest high performance cut resistant PPE brand offers an equal high level of comfort, quality, durability and protection and will soon be available from highly respected licensed distributors in numerous countries around the world.

CutPRO® Cut Resistant PPE is…

  • the result of far-reaching research and valued input from safety professionals of leading flat glass and sheet metal processing companies.
  • is 5 times more cut resistant than Kevlar® products rated level 3 at 5N.
  • offering exceptionally high levels of cut, abrasion, puncture and tear resistance (according to EN 388:2016 – Protection Against Mechanical Risks)
  • an extremely durable cut resistant PPE brand, offering ANSI/ISEA 2016 Blade Cut Resistance Level A5
  • being manufactured in the European Union
  • CE marked (Cat II PPE) where applicable

Why working with CutPRO® Cut Resistant PPE?

Our strength is to create bespoke cut resistant PPE and clothing based on our customer’s operational risks, job responsibilities and design guidelines.

We do understand and believe that every single glass production and processing facility is different in one form or another.  It might be the precise type of end product, the technology/machinery used or the percentage balance between manual and automated work.

For that reason we equally believe different type of cut resistant clothing is required” ¦ different designs are needed” ¦ and we are here to listen to our customers in order to ensure they end up with the precise model or cut resistant PPE they desire.

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