Bite Resistant Arm Guards and Jackets

Bite Resistant Arm Guards and Jackets

BitePRO® Scratch and Bite Resistant Arm Guards have been specifically designed to protect mental health care professionals, especial educational needs teachers and special needs parents.

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All of our tear and bite resistant arm guards offer comfortable and user-friendly protection from human bites, possible subsequent infections and subsequent psychological trauma.

Several professionals working within fields, such as learning disabilities, challenging behaviour, autism, and care workers within mental health care and psychiatric hospitals, as well as special needs parents have been bitten in the past.

Human bite injuries can become infected and there is the risk that an injured person could be infected. Transmissions of viruses, such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or HIV are also a risk.

The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology stated once that human bite injuries represent 1% of all emergency department admissions in the United States. 1% of all emergency department admissions is overall an incredibly high number.

Makeshift bite resistant arm guards

However, the time for makeshift arm guards is over. Too many professionals have historically used improvised protection that we deem inadequate, they are offering inferior protection and are uncomfortable:

makeshift bite resistant arm guards

However, BitePRO® Scratch, Pinch and Bite Resistant Arm Guards & Clothing have proven to effectively assist in protecting against these risks and thus the potential and realistic consequences of a bite from a human.

Some of our protective garments have been designed to be worn ‘covertly’, underneath your normal garment, especially if you wish to wear such garment during your entire day at work or longer periods of time.

Other arm guard models have been designed to be put on quickly when a situation requires you to seek additional protection, usually before you engage with a patient or pupil. They can then be kept in a desk draw, hang up on the wall, or be individually issued to all staff. They can be taken off within seconds when they are no longer required.

The following graphic gives you a quick overall view of all bite resistant arm guards models available:

bite resistant arm guards comparison

I personally believe that anyone working in any of the above highlighted environments have a moral right to do their job as safely as possible and hence be equipped appropriately.

No one should go to work and simply ‘accept’ that a preventable injury might occur, or the risk is deemed ‘realistic’.  Yes, some of us (e.g. law enforcement, military, security etc.) have to accept that the job comes with a certain risk, but we equally have a moral right to expect from our employer that this realistic and identified risk is being mitigated.

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