Why Choose CutPRO®

CutPRO® is the next generation in cut resistant clothing.

High quality cut resistant clothing is essential in glass and metal handling. Cuts and lacerations can cause rapid blood loss, infection, permanent damage to soft tissues, and even death.

Not only do manual handling incidents cost firms time and money, they highlight a serious failure in employers’ duty of care, which can lead to reputation loss, and even criminal prosecution.

We don’t believe in a 'one garment fits all approach'. We want to give you greater control over the design and development of the cut resistant garments your workforce will wear, offering the highest levels of safety and functionality both now and in the future.

Robert Kaiser, CEO

CutPRO® is more than just cut protection…

  • Our truly exceptional customer service and our vast technical capabilities are second to none.
  • The CutPRO® range is the result of extensive research and contribution from health and safety professionals of leading flat glass and sheet metal processing companies across the world.
  • CutPRO® is high performing, offering certified ANSI/ISEA 2016 Blade Cut Resistance Level A5 and  EN ISO 13997 Cut Resistance Level E (EN388:2003 Level 5).
  • Our range includes cut resistant trousers, tops, pull overs, aprons and sleeves.
  • Cheaper alternatives are likely to offer inferior durability, wearability and protection , costing you more in replacements and compromising safety.
  • Not all cut resistant products offer high levels of tear, puncture or abrasion resistance, all significant additional factors when considering cut resistant PPE. CutPRO® offers superior performance across the board, with EN388:2016 certified level 4 tear resistance, level 4 puncture resistance, and level 3 abrasion resistance.
  • CutPRO® products are lightweight, comfortable and fully washable, making them a practical solution to personal protection.
  • All garments are manufactured in the European Union
  • Garments are CE marked (Cat II PPE) where applicable.
  • All CutPRO® garments can be customised to reflect your unique operational risks and needs, role responsibilities, branding, and design preferences.
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