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CutPRO® Cut Resistant Shirts

We at CutPRO® are truly determined to help the flat glass and sheet metal industry around the globe to reduce the number and severity of cut injuries and laceration... and we believe our highly acclaimed cut resistant shirts are an extremely powerful tool to achieve this objective.

Our ultimate objective is to eliminate such injuries at some point in the future. We will not stop until this goal has been reached.

Our 2022 product range is the result of our product consultants visiting several plants and locations, meeting with senior health and safety professionals and speaking to workers on the 'shop floor'. By doing we have established exceptionally close relationships with many of you, and we have learned a lot.

All customer feedback, extended research and a clear understanding of the precise work environment have proven invaluable. It was a combination of those things that led to the development of our latest cut resistant shirts designs.

cut resistant shirts by CutPRO

Understanding your operational risks and designing the best cut resistant shirts

Fully understanding that cut resistant shirts are often mandatory in work environments where cuts and lacerations are a potential risk, we also wanted to ensure the end user is comfortable and excited about wearing the garments… sometimes for up to 12 hours at a time… sometimes in extremely hot and humid conditions.

We understand the temperature variations between different production or processing facilities can pose an extreme challenge to comfort and breathability. A factor which turned out to be of greatest importance when designing the latest cut resistant shirts, as ‘wearability’ is crucial to those men and women.

As highlighted in the ‘International Labour Organization Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety’, there is one main risk for professionals working in the glass manufacturing sector.  Cuts, lacerations and soft tissues puncture wounds are the most likely types of injuries.

According to the UK's Health and Safety Executive (HSE):

“...the handling of flat glass involves the risk of serious personal injury… HSE experience has shown that although the risk is higher in factories where flat glass is manufactured… serious accidents continue to happen in premises where glass is subsequently handled and processed… large sheets of glass are routinely handled using vacuum lifting frames, these can involve the risk of being struck by falling glass… appropriate protective clothing should be worn when glass is handled manually”.

Please feel free and contact us and we can help you establish the crucial differences between your current PPE and workwear and our highly acclaimed brand of high performance cut proof tops.

The handling of flat glass or sheet metal involves the risk of serious personal injury. Accidents continue to happen as long as human beings exist and manual handling is required. Appropriate cut resistant shirts should be worn particularly when glass is handled manually, and I strongly believe we can deem CutPRO® Cut Resistant Clothing as appropriate.

All CutPRO® garments are fully CE marked and made from the highly acclaimed and thoroughly field-tested Cut-Tex® PRO fabric.

Our Passion 

We are extremely passionate about reducing the risk of laceration and cut injuries. Our dream is to eliminate cut injuries in the workplace. We won’t stop until we have achieved preciously that.

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