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CutPRO® is a new innovative brand of primarily bespoke high performance cut resistant clothing, created for those in the glass and metal industry in need of quality, durable and user-friendly cut protection.

PPSS Group, the company behind CutPRO® looked at several existing cut resistant garment designs, and together with the multi award winning ‘Department of Apparel’ of one of the UK’s leading Universities worked on the ultimate garment designs, taking durability and quality to a completely different level.

PPSS Group is a UK headquartered, but internationally operating company established since 2008.  In 2012 PPSS Group engineered Cut-Tex® PRO a globally respected, advanced, reliable and durable high performance cut resistant fabric.  All CutPRO® cut resistant garments are made out of 100% Cut-Tex® PRO.

PPSS Group

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